While you're focused on the game, we're focused on your business life...

We know that you will perform your best, knowing that your business off the field is being handled and managed, professionally.


NIL Sports is a full-service sports marketing firm based in Los Angeles, California.  We take a player-centric approach, curating individualized personal and professional services including strategic brand development, innovative marketing and partnership opportunities, public relation services, and long-term financial security and growth-oriented goals.  NIL Sports works through every level of the player’s career from navigating complex NIL deals to materializing estate planning for retired athletes.


The recently passed Name Image Likeness (NIL) Legislation has made a significant impact on elite athletes drastically changing the landscape for high school and college sports forever.  Critics have expressed their opinions; some saying the legislation is well deserved for student-athletes who were too easily exploited by institutions and the media, while others say the NIL program hurts the integrity of the high school and college experience.  

Whichever side of the argument holds water, the problem remains; the process of securing NIL or professional sports contracts too often place elite athletes and their families into a whirlwind of emotions, negatively impacting their potential for greatness both on-and-off-the-field.   


Through years of collective experience and relationships, NIL Sports has developed proven solutions and processes to better equip the modern athlete of today.  With attention to detail and crucial consideration for “life after sports”, NIL Sports offers a wide spectrum of services that permit athletes to successfully steer through the laws, regulations, publicity, planning, and negotiations of the NIL landscape. 


  • NIL Planning and Execution
  • Legal Services
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Merchandising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Community Relations
  • Health & wellness
  • Business Management
  • Economic Development

NIL Sport’s goal is to educate and empower clients with the ability to develop good decision-making skills needed to successfully attain life-long accomplishments.